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 I met my first love in the 5th grade. Theatre. We did a show together - a silly little D.A.R.E. play. I liked him. I liked the way he made me feel - the applause, the lights, the "it's ok to play make believe in public". He paid attention to me.
We flirted all through middle school. I was still unsure of us - but hell, I was 13 and unsure of everything anyhow. I went out with Art for like, 4 months or so, but we never really meshed.
It got bad in high school. We 'went all the way'. I became obsessed. I devoted myself to Theatre. He was all I thought about, all I cared about. In typical teenaged fashion I thought we'd be together forever. We haven't spoken in almost two years now. I still miss him.
Theatre and I were pretty exclusive through high school, but once college came along I started dating other guys. We were still together, but I flirted like crazy. Sociology. Archeology. Photography. It was never anything serious - a tipsy kiss here, a wink and a "hey-can-I-buy-you-a-survey-class-drink". Theatre was still my True Love (or, because i was one of those theatre majors, 'Twue Wuv'). I still assumed we were meant for forever; so much so that I quit school to take care of him. Things were good at first. Dinner Theatre, drunken cast parties, karaoke with the crew.
It couldn't last. I met a new one: Linguistics. God, i was so in love with Linguistics. I begged him to notice me, swore I'd stop talking to Theatre. It didn't work out. We were too far apart and he was so cerebral, ya know? Like, I'd start talking about proto-proto-indo-european languages, and all of a sudden he'd go off about dipthongs or applied linguistics. It got sort of irritating, honestly. Anyhow, Theatre succeeded in luring me back. Things had changed between us, though. I loved him (still do, in fact), but I could no longer imagine myself devoting my life to him. Like a 1950's housewife who is given her first taste life without her husband, I wanted more. Suddenly the world was wide open. I had a brief super-hot threesome with Politics and Law, then an even briefer one night stand with Physics (now that was a mistake - we were so not meant for each other). With all of those, Linguistics, Politics, Law and even Physics, I declared myself In Love. I was wrong on all counts.
Throughout the years, Philosophy has been a good friend to me. We first met when I was in 6th grade and Donny Wahlberg set fire to a hotel room. I needed someone to talk to about good guys and bad guys and how the line got a little blurred between the two sometimes. Philosophy was there. He was there when I was 14 and just learning about Abbie Hoffman and the Chicago 7. He was there when I was 17 and seriously questioning the existence of God for the first time. He was there when I hitch-hiked around, hopping trains and bumming smokes and spare change off of strangers from Louisiana to Phoenix. He talked me out of joining the Army (it was Linguistics' idea). He was there for my worst moments, and there for my best. And he was *always* there when I was stoned - man, that dude was a pothead. Seriously. He'd just smell it and come running. Ha! He'd get so pissed when I would ignore him for South Park!
Anyhow, we were just friends. He knew about me and Theatre and was totally cool with our status. I thought I was too; but about a year or so ago, something happened and we took it further. I don't know what happened. I sort of had a falling out with Theatre and had just ended a very brief little fling with Classic Lit, and I started thinking about all the things I wanted in life. It was like a scene from some rom-com, where the heroine realizes that what she really wanted has been waiting there for her in plain sight all her life. I started picking out China patterns and planning for my PhD. Things were serious.
And then, in walked Carpentry. I started rethinking my relationship with Philosophy. I wanted something fun, something physical. I needed to feel real, I said, needed to make money. Carpentry was all those things. I had a long talk with Philosophy and he was, not unexpectedly, cool with it. We were better as friends, anyhow. We fought less when I didn't have to deal with his baggage (15 page term papers and analytical philosophy - ugh). He's actually really supportive, telling me that Carpentry fills a void in my life and that physical labor is good for the soul.
I think I'm In Love again. Carpentry and I are going to get engaged, I just know it. We're having some financial problems right now, what with the economy tanking and the union not accepting new apprentices til the end of the year at the earliest; but we'll make it. I mean, Carpentry is even down with me reconnecting with Theatre. Keeps talking about set design and maybe some day opening our own theatre! God, I love him.
Although, I swear, Organic Chemistry is over there in the corner is winking at me.

Seriously, though, I'd be settled down with a career and health benefits by now if the world wasn't such an interesting place.



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